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Genre Karaoke

  1. We Are Family (Karaoke Instrumental Track) [In the Style of Sister Sledge] - ProSound Karaoke Band
  2. Good As Hell (Originally Performed by Lizzo) [Instrumental] - Vox Freaks
  3. Blinding Lights (Originally Performed by the Weeknd) [Instrumental Version] - Karaoke Pro
  4. God Bless the U.S.A. (Karaoke Version) - Karaoke Idols
  5. Viva la Vida (Instrumental Version) - DJ ReDo
  6. Almost There (Instrumental) - Disney Princess Music Box Karaoke
  7. Lean On Me (Karaoke Instrumental Track) [In the Style of Bill Withers] - ProSound Karaoke Band
  8. A Million Dreams (Originally Performed By Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  9. Jumpman (Originally Performed by Drake & Future) [Instrumental Version] - Karaoke Pro
  10. Home (Originally by Phillip Phillips) - HOT 100
  11. To Sir with Love (In the Style of Lulu) [Karaoke Version] - The Karaoke Channel
  12. Graduation (Friends Forever) (Originally Performed By Vitamin C) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  13. Amazing Grace (Key of D) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  14. I'll Be There for You (Karaoke Instrumental Track) [In the Style of Rembrandts] - ProSound Karaoke Band
  15. Graduation (Friends Forever) [Originally Performed by Vitamin C] [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  16. Stay Schemin (Karaoke Version) [Instrumental Originally By Rick Ross] - Hip Hop Beats
  17. Only Us (Originally Performed By 'Dear Evan Hansen') [Karaoke Version] - Ultimate Karaoke Band
  18. What the World Needs Now (Karaoke Version) - Karaoke Klassics
  19. Sing (Sing a Song) [Originally Performed by the Carpenters] [Karaoke] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  20. On My Way To You (Originally Performed By Cody Johnson) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  21. You're Gonna Miss This (Originally Performed by Trace Adkins) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  22. Tap In (Originally Performed by Saweetie) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  23. Take Ya Home (Originally Performed By Angie Martinez) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  24. One Last Cry (Originally Performed by Brian McKnight) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band

In this Karaoke music genre, we summarize popular songs this year and music that is popular all the time, especially the Karaoke songs genre that is popular internationally.