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Genre Karaoke

  1. A Thousand Years (In the Style of Christina Perri) [Karaoke Instrumental Version] - High Frequency Karaoke
  2. Make You Feel My Love (In the Style of Adele) [Karaoke Version Instrumental Backing Track] - Sunfly Karaoke
  3. Can't Help Falling in Love (In the Style of Haley Reinhart) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  4. All of Me (In the Style of John Legend) [Karaoke Instrumental Version] - Karaoke All Hits
  5. Home (Karaoke Version) - Stage Stars Records
  6. Rapper's Delight - The Karaoke Channel
  7. Shallow (Originally Performed By Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) [Acoustic Guitar Karaoke] - Sing2Guitar
  8. Someone You Loved (Originally Performed by Lewis Capaldi) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  9. I Get To Love You (Originally Performed by Ruelle) [Instrumental Version] - Karaoke Pro
  10. Brady Bunch Theme Song (Karaoke Version) - DJ Cocktail
  11. Wap (Originally Performed by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  12. On Eagles Wings (Originally Performed By Gospel) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  13. Laugh Now Cry Later (Originally Performed by Drake and Lil Durk) [Instrumental] - 3 Dope Brothas
  14. You Need to Calm Down (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Instrumental] - Vox Freaks
  15. For You (Originally Performed By Kenny Lattimore) [Instrumental] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  16. Hallelujah (Originally Performed by Leonard Cohen) [Acoustic Guitar Karaoke] - Sing2Guitar
  17. Just a Gigolo (Karaoke Version Originally Performed by David Lee Roth) - MIDIFine Systems
  18. Sorry (Originally Performed by Buckcherry) [Karaoke] - ProSource Karaoke Band
  19. Boom Boom Pow (Originally Performed By Black Eyed Peas) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  20. Show Me Love (In the Style of Robyn) [Karaoke Version] - The Karaoke Channel
  21. Electric Love (Originally Performed by Børns) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Sing2Piano
  22. Still Learning (Originally Performed by Halsey) [Instrumental] - Singer's Edge Karaoke
  23. We Bury the Hatchet (Karaoke Version Originally Performed By Garth Brooks) - Pop Music Workshop
  24. Somewhere Other Than the Night (Karaoke Version Originally Performed By Garth Brooks) - Pop Music Workshop

In this Karaoke music genre, we summarize popular songs this year and music that is popular all the time, especially the Karaoke songs genre that is popular internationally.