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Popular New Release Songs and Music in Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdulaziz Alshareef - Ehlefli
  2. Yara - Ma Khatar Aal Bal
  3. Mohemmed Al Menhaly - Ashart Lili
  4. Naser Albhar - Saad Dhaghti - Single
  5. Hala - Mamnoo Ellames - Single
  6. Zaid Al Rashed - Anzl Roohe
  7. Hmdan Elbloshi - Ahbk Moot
  8. Nancy Ajram - Betfakar Fi Eih / Ma Tegi Hena / El Donia Helwa (Live Concert)
  9. Nora Alfares - Dwakhney Bek
  10. Eidha Al-Menhali - Habat Nasayem - Single
  11. Essam Kamal - Tedel El Darb - Single
  12. Nour Ireksousi - Oyonk El Helwa
  13. Mohamed Al Masheal - Rad Al Jamil - Single
  14. Rajaa Belmir - Roh (feat. Omar Belmir) - Single
  15. Mohamed Al Shehhi - Inkhataf - Single
  16. Hmdan Elbloshi - Jamal - Single
  17. Hussam Alrassam - Alhob Alsaab
  18. Sultan Khalefah - Ya Ghala
  19. Husam Al Majid & Jasim Mohsen - Halaw Halaw
  20. Wessam Al Rasam - Jarh Al Karama
  21. Saud Salami & Mohammed Al-siny - Kurbak Eli
  22. Ahmed Hasen - Kathbthom - Single
  23. Abdallah Al Badr - Ya Hirt Al Yashtak

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